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PicoScenes Now Supports Signal Precoding



关键新特性: USRP/SDR前端支持信号Precoding/Steering

Signal precoding/steering通俗来说,就是在发送信号之前,对原始Tx信号添加额外的相位/幅度,以期实现Beamforming、相控阵(Phased Array)或其它针对性的信号空间分布。 PicoScenes平台API支持3类precoding方案,是目前首个且唯一的支持Precoding特性的CSI感知平台。

1. beamforming型:插件开发者只需将Rx端CSI输入precoding参数中,Precoding API会计算SVD分解,并将V矩阵应用到11n/ac/ax协议的空间映射矩阵(Q矩阵);该方案可用于模拟11n/ac/ax的beamforming特性;

2. 相控阵Phased Array型:插件开发者只需将天线的空间坐标、信号AoD方向角输入precoding参数,Precoding API会计算天线/子载波的导向矢量矩阵(steering matrix),并将其应用到11n/ac/ax协议的空间映射矩阵(Q矩阵);该方案可实现相控阵的效果,通过控制AoD角度为Wi-Fi感知加入新的可控维度;

3. 完全自定义型:插件开发者可以完全自定义每条空间流/每个子载波的导向矢量( steering vector),并将其应用到11n/ac/ax协议的空间映射矩阵(Q矩阵);该方案可实现任意指定的信号precoding;






现在支持11ax的High-Doppler以及Extended Range格式;

Hello to all experts, teachers and students who follow the PicoScenes platform! We briefly introduce the feature updates of the PicoScenes platform in the past 2 months.

Key Features: Signal Precoding/Steering for USRP/SDR frontend

By adding additional phase/amplitude to the original Tx signal before transmission, signal precoding/steering can achieve beamforming, phased array or desired spatial distribution. The PicoScenes is the first and the only Wi-Fi sensing platform that supports signal precoding. It supports three types of signal precoding schemes at the API level:

  1. beamforming type: plug-in developers simply specifies the CSI measured at the Rx side into the precoding parameters, and the Precoding API will calculate the SVD decomposition and apply the V matrix to the 802.11n/ac/ax spatial mapping matrix (Q matrix). This scheme can be used to simulate the beamforming characteristics of 11n/ac/ax.
  2. Phased array type: the plug-in developer only needs to input the spatial coordinates of the antenna and the signal AoD direction angle into the precoding parameters, and the Precoding API will calculate the steering matrix of the antenna/subcarrier and apply it to the 802.11n/ac/ax spatial mapping matrix (Q matrix). This scheme can achieve the effect of phased array, adding a new control dimension to Wi-Fi sensing by controlling the AoD angle.
  3. Fully customized: the plug-in developer can fully customize the steering vector of each spatial stream/each subcarrier and apply it to the 802.11n/ac/ax spatial mapping matrix (Q-matrix). This scheme can realize arbitrary signal precoding.

Reliable MIMO transmission and receiving for USRP/SDR frontend

We fixed several bugs of the underlying synchronization. Now the reliability of MIMO are significantly improved.

Higher performance for USRP/SDR frontend

Near 100% real-time packet reception rate at 20MHz bandwidth and substantial improvement in packet reception rate at 160MHz bandwidth.

More complete 11ax protcol support for USRP/SDR frontend

High-Doppler and Extended Range formats of 11ax are now supported.