Zhiping Jiang | 蒋志平

I am an assistant professor at School of Computer Science and Technology, Xidian University, Xi’an, China. I received my Ph.D in Computer Science from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2017, under the collaborative supervision of Prof. Jizhong Zhao and Prof. Jinsong Han. Before that, I received my B.S in Computer Science from Xi’an Shiyou University in 2009.


  1. 本课题组每年计划招收2-3名硕士研究生,男女生不限,欢迎同学们保送和报考!
  2. 请一定在考研时填报软件工程学硕,本课题组所在研究所没有专硕指标!
  3. 未来拟研究方向是Wi-Fi感知、定位、定制/隐蔽通信系统、基于软件无线电的OFDM基带信号处理/雷达技术等;
  4. 希望进入本课题组的同学应具有棒棒的系统实际能力;英语四、六级成绩优异者予以优先考虑;具备高水平C/C++/MATLAB能力者予以优先考虑;具备无线通信、信号系统背景者予以优先考虑;具备FPGA/ZynQ开发能力者予以优先考虑;
  5. 请发送个人简历至我邮箱:zpj@xidian.edu.cn,一定会回复哦~~~


My research focuses on wireless sensing, smart interaction and security in pervasive computing and IoT environment.


PicoScenes,the next-gen Wi-Fi sensing platform

Selected Publications

  • Jiang, Zhiping; Zhao, Kun; Li, Rui; Zhao, Jizhong; Du, Junzhao, PHYAlert: identity spoofing attack detection and prevention for a wireless edge network,Journal of Cloud Computing,9,1,1-13,2020
  • Jiang, Zhiping; Qian, Chen; Zhao, Kun; Chen, Shuaiyu; Li, Rui; Wang, Xu; He, Chen; Du, Junzhao, VariSecure: Facial Appearance Variance based Secure Device Pairing,Mobile Networks and Applications,1-14,2019
  • Jiang, Zhiping; Zhao, Kun; Li, Rui; Zhao, Jizhong, i-VALS: Visual Attention Localization for Mobile Service Computing,IEEE Access,45166-45181,2019
  • Jiang, Zhiping; Wang, Xu; He, Chen; Li, Rui, PicoScenes: Enabling UWB Sensing Array on COTS Wi-Fi Platform,Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks,264-266,2019 (demo session)
  • Zhiping Jiang, Jinsong Han,Chen Qian, Wei Xi, Han Ding, Shaojie Tang, Jizhong Zhao; VADS: Visual Attention Detection by a Smartphone; IEEE INFOCOM’2016 (CCF Rank A Conference)
  • Zhiping Jiang, Jizhong Zhao,Xiang-Yang Li, Jinsong Han, Wei Xi; Rejecting The Attack: Source Authentication for Wi-Fi Management Frame using CSI Information; IEEE INFOCOM’2013 (CCF Rank A Conference)
  • Zhiping Jiang, Wei Xi,Xiang-Yang Li, Shaojie Tang, Jizhong Zhao, Jinsong Han, Kun Zhao; Communicating Is Crowdsourcing: Wi-Fi Indoor Localization with CSI-Based Speed Estimation; Journal of Computer Science and Technology; 2014,29(4):589-604 (CCF Rank B Journal)
  • Zhiping Jiang, Jizhong Zhao,Jinsong Han, Shaojie Tang, Jing Zhao, Wei Xi; Wi-Fi Fingerprint Based Indoor Localization without Indoor Space Measurement; IEEE MASS’2013 (CCF Rank C Conference)
  • Zhiping Jiang, Jinsong Han, Wei Xi, Jizhong Zhao; NFV: Near Field Vibration Based GroupDevicePairing; Springer CollaborateCom’2015 (CCF Rank C Conference)
  • Kun Zhao, Wei Xi, Zhiping Jiang, Zhi Wang, Hongliang Luo, Jizhong Zhao, Xiaobin Zhang; Leveraging Topic Model for CSI Based Human Activity Recognition; Proceedings of IEEE MSN’2016
  • Hai-Jiang Xie, Li Lin, Zhiping Jiang, Wei Xi, Kun Zhao, Meiyong Ding, Jizhong Zhao; Accelerating Crowdsourcing Based Indoor Localization Using CSI; IEEE ICPADS’2015 (CCF Rank C Conference)
  • Deng Chen, Li Du, Zhiping Jiang, Wei Xi, Jinsong Han, Kun Zhao, Jizhong Zhao, Zhi Wang, Rui Li; A fine-grained indoor localization using multidimensional Wi-Fi fingerprinting; IEEE ICPADS’2014 (CCF Rank C Conference)
  • Wei Xi, Jizhong Zhao, Xiang-Yang Li, Kun Zhao, Shaojie Tang, Xue Liu, Zhiping Jiang; Electronic frog eye: Counting crowd using WiFi; IEEE INFOCOM 2014 (CCF Rank A Conference)

The full list can be seen on Google Scholardblp or ORCID.


teach Computer Organization & Design(COD) for UG since 2018.

Honors & Awards

  • 2018, 2nd Prize, Young Lecturer Teaching Contest of Xidian University (西电青年教师讲课比赛), code
  • 2016, Best Student Paper Award, IEEE MSN 2016


  • 2020,国家重点研发计划–子课题(4.4)
  • 2020,国家重点研发计划–子课题(2.3)
  • 2019,中央高校基本科研业务费
  • 2018,中国博士后创新人才支持计划(全国400人)
  • 2018,自然科学基金–青年基金


zpj AT xidian Dot edu dot cn