I am an assistant professor ( postdoc track under the supervision of Prof. Junchao Du ) at School of Software Engineering, Xidian University, Xi’an, P.R. China. I received my Ph.D in Computer Science from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2017, under the collaborative supervision of Prof. Jizhong Zhao and Prof. Jinsong Han. Before that, I received my B.S in Computer Science from Xi’an Shiyou University in 2009.

Research Interests

My research focuses on wireless sensing, smart interaction and security in pervasive computing and IoT environment.

Research Projects

CovertComm — Bridging the air-gapped network by the high-speed acoustic covert communication.
PicoScenes — Towards UWB radar on Wi-Fi platform.
BinoCare — Healing binocular vision dysfunction during gaming.

OpenSourced Coding Projects

EnhancedConsoleText — Enhancing the visual experience of the console application by adding font effect and color to the text output.
MultiCamSyncRecorder — Capture and record video frames from multiple cameras, synchronously.
OpenCVExtensions — A bunch of utility/helper code for OpenCV.

Selected Publications

  • Zhiping Jiang, Jinsong Han,Chen Qian, Wei Xi, Han Ding, Shaojie Tang, Jizhong Zhao; VADS: Visual Attention Detection by a Smartphone; IEEE INFOCOM’2016 (CCF Rank A Conference)

  • Zhiping Jiang, Jizhong Zhao,Xiang-Yang Li, Jinsong Han, Wei Xi; Rejecting The Attack: Source Authentication for Wi-Fi Management Frame using CSI Information; IEEE INFOCOM’2013 (CCF Rank A Conference)

  • Zhiping Jiang, Wei Xi,Xiang-Yang Li, Shaojie Tang, Jizhong Zhao, Jinsong Han, Kun Zhao; Communicating Is Crowdsourcing: Wi-Fi Indoor Localization with CSI-Based Speed Estimation; Journal of Computer Science and Technology; 2014,29(4):589-604 (CCF Rank B Journal)

  • Zhiping Jiang, Jizhong Zhao,Jinsong Han, Shaojie Tang, Jing Zhao, Wei Xi; Wi-Fi Fingerprint Based Indoor Localization without Indoor Space Measurement; IEEE MASS’2013 (CCF Rank C Conference)

  • Zhiping Jiang, Jinsong Han, Wei Xi, Jizhong Zhao; NFV: Near Field Vibration Based GroupDevicePairing; Springer CollaborateCom’2015 (CCF Rank C Conference)

  • Kun Zhao, Wei Xi, Zhiping Jiang, Zhi Wang, Hongliang Luo, Jizhong Zhao, Xiaobin Zhang; Leveraging Topic Model for CSI Based Human Activity Recognition; Proceedings of IEEE MSN’2016 ( Best Student Paper Runner Up award )

  • Hai-Jiang Xie, Li Lin, Zhiping Jiang, Wei Xi, Kun Zhao, Meiyong Ding, Jizhong Zhao; Accelerating Crowdsourcing Based Indoor Localization Using CSI; IEEE ICPADS’2015 (CCF Rank C Conference)

  • Deng Chen, Li Du, Zhiping Jiang, Wei Xi, Jinsong Han, Kun Zhao, Jizhong Zhao, Zhi Wang, Rui Li; A fine-grained indoor localization using multidimensional Wi-Fi fingerprinting; IEEE ICPADS’2014 (CCF Rank C Conference)

  • Wei Xi, Jizhong Zhao, Xiang-Yang Li, Kun Zhao, Shaojie Tang, Xue Liu, Zhiping Jiang; Electronic frog eye: Counting crowd using WiFi; IEEE INFOCOM 2014 (CCF Rank A Conference)

The full list can be seen on Google Scholar, dblp or ORCID.


2019 Spring Computer Organization and Architecture, 2SE3008L02 and 2SE3008L04

2018 Spring I attended the 13th Teaching Contest of Xidian University. Here is my contest page.

Contact Information

Email: zpj AT xidian Dot edu dot cn
Tel: +86 135s2413ss4, s for digit 7

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