PicoScenes Research

PicoScenes Is Adding Support for HackRF One and More SDR Devices

PicoScenes is adding support for the HackRF One software define radio (SDR) device, which is, to our knowledge, the most cost efficient SDR suitable for Wi-Fi sensing research (It features 10 MHz – 6 GHz RF, 20 MHz rate w/ 8-bit I/Q Sampling).

As shown in the image below, an internal developing branch of PicoScenes was driving the HackRF One, decoding Wi-Fi traffic, extracting CSI, and plotting CSI in real-time.

PicoScenes drives HackRF One, extract CSI and plot CSI in real-time.

The support for HackRF One is based on SoapySDR project, a hardware-neutral support library supporting various SDR devices, including HackRF One, LimeSDR, BladeRF, etc.

We have integrated SoapySDR as the foundation for all non-USRP SDR models, and PicoScenes will support more SDR devices out-of-box. But before official release, extensive real-world tests are required.

The release date for the PicoScenes on HackRF One is around the first half of April 2022.