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Give Tutorial Talk on PicoScenes at CPS-IOT Week 2022 [with Slides + Videos]

Prof. Jun Luo from Nanyang Technological University, Zhe Chen from AIWISE, and I gave a 3-hour tutorial at CPS-IOT Week 2022.

The session 2 is for PicoScenes. The tutorial is titled “From CSI Tool to PicoScenes Wi-Fi Sensing Middleware”. Its content focuses on how PicoScenes middleware overcomes the hardware and software barriers of Wi-Fi sensing research.


For oversea viewers, I share the slides at slideshare.net

From CSI Tool to PicoScenes Wi-Fi Sensing Middleware, by Zhiping Jiang @ CPS-IOT Week’22

I also share the slides at


and CSDN


Demo Videos

The 7 demo videos are all uploaded to Youtube and bilibili. View them in PicoScenes Documentation Gallery page.