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Open letter to XXXX authors regarding the illegal use and improper description of PicoScenes software

Hello to the authors of XXX paper,

Google Scholar has pushed me your latest work, XXXX. There are illegal use and improper description of the PicoScenes software in your article. I hope you can correct them as soon as possible.

The PicoScenes software has its End User License Agreement (PicoScenes EULA) which you have seen when you install the software. The PicoScenes EULA clearly says that reverse analysis/engineering of our software is not allowed, and you must have clicked YES to agree to our EULA in order to install it. However, you ignored the PicoScenes EULA during the development of XXXX, and in your paper, you very bluntly said “tested and analyzed the software”, which I think is inappropriate. This has several consequences and losses.

1. in terms of the development process, you are not complying with our EULA and cause indirect damages (such as possible License fees and reputation).

2. in terms of the description, it was the PicoScenes software’s feature ( that had the feature to turn off/specify the 9300 NIC AGC) that inspired the relevant part of your work, but you only stated the inapplicability of PicoScenes to your work. We believe we deserve much better credit.

3. in terms of describing the consequences, your blatant statement “tested and analyzed the software” is in fact a disguised encouragement to reverse-analyze the PicoScenes software.

4. in terms of paper citations, you also failed to follow the instructions. In https://ps.zpj.io/resources.html, we clearly state that any research that uses PicoScenes software (programs, scripts, etc.) should cite our IEEE IOT-J article, but you avoided the point and only cited our 2019 EWSN demo poster.

From the above 4 aspects, your work is obviously flawed in terms of motivation, development process and final description related to PicoScenes software.  I hope you can fix the above issues in the published version as well as the download version from your website, as soon as possible.


Google Scholar向我推送了您发表的最新的工作,XXXX。 该文章对PicoScenes软件的使用和描述方面存在明显问题,希望您能尽快改正:

PicoScenes软件是有使用协议的(PicoScenes EULA),这个在您首次安装时就会看到,PicoScenes EULA中明确说了,不允许逆向分析/工程我们的软件,并且您一定是点击了同意我们的EULA才能安装的。但您在研发XXXX过程中,忽视了PicoScenes EULA,并在论文中非常直白地说”tested and analyzed the software”,我觉得这样从行为、结果到描述都不妥。这会带来几方面后果与损失:

1. 从研发过程来说,您没有遵守我们的EULA,间接给我们带来损失(如可能的License费和声誉);

2. 从描述过程来说,是PicoScenes软件具备关闭/指定9300网卡AGC这个功能为先,然后启发/inspires了你们的相关部分工作,但在描述上只说了PicoScenes对你们工作的不适用性,没有得到合理的credit;

3. 从描述后果来说,您公然说测试并分析我们的软件,实为变相地鼓励了对PicoScenes软件的逆向分析;

4. 从论文引用来说,您也没有遵守使用说明。 在https://ps.zpj.io/resources.html页面,我们明确说明了,任何使用到PicoScenes软件(程序、脚本等)的研究都应引用我们的IEEE IOT-J的文章,但你们刻意避重就轻,只引用了我们2019年EWSN的demo。这样的小心思,我觉得不好。